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A Palms Personal Care & Hmkg. Services pride itself on ensuring your loved ones’ safety and healthy living through our Skilled Home Visits Service.

As we age, our bodily function, both physically and mentally, tends to slow down and weaken. Just like how toddlers need their parent’s assistance, senior citizens become dependent too. Some elders show signs of memory loss that affects their quality of life. Standing, sitting, or walking also become a risk as their bones become more fragile, making them prone to falling and accidents. 

When it comes to ensuring your senior loved ones’ overall safety and health in Florida, choose A Palms Personal Care & Hmkg. Services!

Make Life Easier And Improve The Quality Of Life Of Your Senior Love One. A Palms Skilled Home Visits Assistance Helps Promote The Better Physical And Mental Health Of Your Elderly.

benefits of skilled home visits for your elderly


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Now more than ever, Covid-19 Pandemic makes our lives difficult, and senior citizens are more susceptible to catch the virus due to their low immune system. Even before the Covid-19 virus hit, you still don’t want your senior loved one to frequent the hospital if it can be manageable at home. A Palms Skilled Visit Assistance helps prevent this from happening. We are equipped with skilled nurses and professionals that visit you at the comfort of your home so your senior can live a healthier, safe, and independent life.

Ensure your loved ones’ safety, leave them to the care of A Palms Personal Care & Hmkg.

Benefits of skilled home visits for senior care